About Us


A 5-star dream come true. Never before has there been such level of sophistication and luxury available to guests chartering anything less than a mega yacht. Blue Eternal is setting a new benchmark for the industry by blending an unprecedented level of opulence and comfort into the family-sized category of yachts, offered to those seeking an one-in-a-lifetime leisure experience.


Wild majestic landscapes and underwater allure - accessible only by sea. Local, organic and carefully selected raw materials transmuting into extraordinary gastronomical experiences, concieved by an awarded chef. Unique voyages, tailored to your personal taste, combined with unforgettable activities that provide a distinguished experience. All, on board one of our elegant and illustrious yachts, promising to make your every moment cherished. This is our core business in Blue Eternal.

Our Fleet

Our brand-new 2020 privately owned vessels, decked out with a most extensive array of state-of-the-art nautical, leisure and luxury equipment, along with our experienced and highly apprized crew, are some of the elements that ensure you will revel in your day-dreadming journeys through the Eternally Blue, sublime Ionian sea. Embrace the affluence of the Lagoon 50's elegance, taste the Lagoon 42’s refinement and enjoy the comprehensive luxury of the Lagoon 40 - all equipped with unparalleled ameninties for all fortuitous guests on board.

Ionian Sea

The renowned Ionian Sea, with its tranquil sapphire waters, its golden-white sandy shores and its fascinatingly alternating landscapes, will make for the perfect scenery of an exclusive leisure experience. Discover with a premium access on board, the world-class celebrated beaches of Zakinthos and Lefkas, the medieval keeps and the Venecian era inspired buildings of Paxi and Corfu, the Ancient mythical landmarks of Ithaca and the cosmopolitan towns of Cephalonia.

Blue Eternal

Navigate to places secluded and savor the authentically best Greece has to offer. This is where your trip with Blue Eternal begins. Indulge in deepest luxury and sail the Blue Eternal